So apparently Nickelodeon’s doing some sort of special on September 11.

It’s basically going through all the details of what happened,
Explaining what went down, and who’s to blame.

Am I the only one who’s troubled by this?

My seven year old brother was watching this… because it’s Nick.
All kids do when they watch television is switch around the kids channels.

Surely, it’s something that we should never forget.
It’s something that as human beings, we should all learn from.

And I’m not talking about the way certain people tend to do talk about it, emphasizing on the “who’s to blame” part, which generally gets interpreted in a way that determines a whole race or religion as the ones who are guilty.

We should learn that as human beings, we are capable of great destruction.

The lesson should be that we should stop being so ridiculous and extremist with our differences, and just accept the fact that we’re different, and accept the fact that we’re all human, and accept the fact that we need to join together as a team, all of us, in order to actually progress. There’s no good and bad side here. We’re all the bad guys here, and we all need to change.

Why the fuck are we traumatizing our children, scaring them off with these kind of stories?
Let them live happily. They’re fucking kids.

Stop brainwashing children with your ridiculous propaganda.


Fight for what is right. Believe in a better world. There is hope.

We could all be living in good conditions if it wasn’t for all this greed.

If not you, who? If not now, when?