Thank you, I love you, you’re the best.

We get so sad, so easily, sometimes. So anxious and frustrated.

We worry. We worry about our wallets. We worry about our debts. We worry about our family, our friends, our potential lover, the absence of anyone, altogether or specifically that somebody that brightens our soul. We think and worry about exercising, about what we’re going to eat, what we should’ve done or said. We forget that we’re happy, or worry that we’re not, making ourselves unhappy, anxious and frustrated.

We don’t spend enough time with ourselves. We don’t spend enough time with our friends. We spend time worrying about the amount of time we dedicate to worrying about something else.

We forget to say “thank you,” “I love you,” “you’re the best,” to ourselves.

We forget why we want to exist, but we exist. We are real. We are living, breathing, thinking, overthinking beings with so much power in our hands and we tend to forget.

We are artists, philosophers, mathematicians, scientists, engineers, teachers, anything, everything, something else, something different, in our own way, somebody.

We can learn. We can do. We can grow.
We can make. We can destroy.

We can choose to be happy. We can move on from our frustrations.
We can breathe more oxygen than we think.
We have the power to overcome.

We can do so much, yet we can do so little.

We can’t change time. We can’t prevent our death forever,
but we can do the best we can to be happy all together.